May 28, 2011

date day friday!

Yesterday when John came home from school we had some errands to run.  But not just any errands... IDAHO FALLS ERRANDS!!  They're my favorite kind.  Mostly because it means I get to spend bunches and bunches of time with my hubby, and getting out of Rexburg is pretty great too!

So, we started off the day with another trip to the Sprint store.  That's right.  It's only been a month since I lost my phone at the mall and I already broke the new one.  But it was quick and painless this time. 

After that we went to Sam's Club for lunch.  We're classy like that.  And John wanted to get some muscle milk for his trips to the gym.  We also made him an eye-appointment for next Saturday. [I'm pushing for some big old-fashioned thick rimmed grandpa glasses!]  And maybe picked up some snacky-snacks... 

Once our bellies were full we went to a used book store to find some oldy moldy books for a project I'm working on.  Don't worry, I'll show you when I'm done  :)

Then it was off to Target!!  I love Target.  It's great.  We needed a few random things, including but not limited to:  face wash, swiffer refills, and kitchen towels.

Once we got back to Rexburg we went straight to the farmer's market behind Taco Bell.  I know, best place for a farmer's market ever!  The only real reason to go is for the corn-on-a-stick.  It's heaven.  On a stick.  I love it.  But I thought that maybe I should try to sell something crafty there...  it could be fun.  I'll keep you posted on what I decide.

For dinner we went to Frontier Pies.  It's a country restaurant that's been in Rexburg longer than I've lived here - but yesterday was my first time.  Loved it!  John was über excited because they serve soda in mason jars.

I have to admit - it was really nice not having to wait for refills.

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  1. I LOVE big soda glasses! I hate waiting forever for refills!!