May 28, 2011

lemme take yo pictcha!

I found some pictures to share with you all!!

John found this poster I made as a YW project while we were cleaning/packing my room.  Man - I'm good.

Here are some long-lost pictures from our honeymoon!!  The first is a view from our hotel room, and the second is a shot of me doing the "cotton candy dance"!!

Remember the great adventure we had with John's car our first week back in Rexburg?  It was quite the doozy!  Here's a shot of Juniper on the tow-truck:

And a few more pictures from our fancy dinner at The Roof:

Aren't we soooo cute?! 

One day I'll get over my lazy-itis and dig my fancy camera out of it's box so you get a little better quality images.  Until then, just squint your eyes and turn your head a little to the left.

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