May 10, 2011

one month!!

We made it! 


After the first crazy week and a half of our married life things really started to settle down.  We are now totally moved in and unpacked - minus the boxes of office supplies that I'm still avoiding.  And the one in the kitchen...

Ok - so I still have some rearranging and decorating to do...  but who doesn't?!

John's been doing really well in school and kind of likes his job.  He does the night lock-up on campus.  Which basically means he wanders around until 11:30 and then goes and locks the doors to all the buildings and makes sure no one's inside.  It's boring.  I went to visit him the other day [and maybe sneak him out for ice cream... shhhh!] and he pretty much does nothing.  He claims to do his reading assignments and other homework-y stuff, but I don't have any proof of that...

I still don't have a job.  So I pretty much just sit on my booty and surf the internet for job postings in the greater Rexburg area all day.

I also do random crafty things. 

like paint this mirror...
and hang pictures...
and use wedding decor to spruce-up my living room!
and hang shelves in our teeny tiny bathroom...
and design artwork for my momma!!
and make fancy pillowcases!   that don't match our bedspread :(

And sometimes when I'm feeling nice I cook dinner for John.

like this too-cheesey lasagna...
and questionable huevos rancheros...
and the eggplant parmigiana from last night that turned out DELICIOUS!

Overall we are having a FANTASTIC time being married and getting to know each other on this whole new level.  I was a little worried in the beginning that it would be too much for us to be together all.the.time since we'd spent so much time apart, but it's been the exact opposite.  I can't imagine life without this guy.  He makes me smile everyday - even when I don't want to.  He brings me treats and rubs my feet and forces me to be healthy and exercise.  It's great! [minus the exercising.]

There are still a few things we have to figure out... like ways to keep his flailing arms from breaking my nose while we sleep.  [His solution is that I wear a helmet and I say we strap his arms to his sides... any other suggestions?!]  And how to fit all the food we buy in the teensey-weensey pantry.

To wrap things up - here's a look at what we did today:


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