May 1, 2011


I tried to get a driver's license with my new name on it the other day but I couldn't  :(

Turns out, you have to re-take the written portion of the test before they'll issue a new driver's license in the state of Idaho.  And I didn't pass.  I would feel about about it, except some rules are different here.  So I picked up the book to study from to ensure that I pass next time.  [And, no, I haven't opened it yet.]

I would, however, like the world to know that I failed on the very last question.  You have to answer 34 of 40 to pass.  But silly me - I skipped all the hard ones for last thinking I would just answer enough of them right so I didn't have to worry about the hard ones.  But NOOOO.  I missed 6 before the very last question, and then I missed that one too. 

Sad day.

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