May 5, 2011

what married people do.

Yesterday was DATE NIGHT WEDNESDAY!!  [woot woot.]

While John and I were dating we created a schedule for the week... mostly so we wouldn't eat at Taco Bell six times over the course of four days.  This is how it panned out:  cheap chicken Monday [fried chicken at the grocery store], awesome Arby's Tuesday, date night Wednesday, and Taco Bell Friday.  [We took a break on Thursdays - and I was taking a photo class that went on some action-packed fieldtrips, rendering me completely useless by the time I got back.]

Unfortunately, this fast-food regimen didn't bode well with our metabolisms.  So we've since had to eliminate all but our weekly date night.  And John's job means that we have to switch up the day every week.  BUT yesterday it just so happened that we were going on a real-live-honest-to-goodness date night Wednesday!

[We cheated a little bit and had lunch from McDonald's for a pre-date night treat.]

Around six we headed up to the Teriyaki  Express for dinner.  mmMmmmMMm.  Then we went to the Craze to play mini golf!  There were some very heavy wagers on this game - I won't share them - but they made it a LOT more fun when I started off the game kicking John's booty!!  Eventually, I lost my luck and actually hit a person with my golf ball.  Needless to say there was a little bit of tension when I had to make some adjustments to the placement of things [i.e. John's ball].

Eventually we decided that it was a tie, and we got some cupcakes to celebrate.

To end the night right we stopped by Horkley's for a soda and a movie and snuggled-up on the couch.  I still don't understand The Tourist, but I do really enjoy seeing Johnny Depp on a boat  :)

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