May 25, 2011

dinner at The Roof.

You've all seen the pictures... a pretty bride, standing next to a window overlooking the Salt Lake Temple.  They're everywhere.  And to be honest - I was sick of it.  Because I had no freaking idea where they were taking those pictures from. 

But it's ok.  I figured it out.

They're on the top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial building.  At the most genius idea for a restaurant ever.  The Roof is a buffet.  But not just any buffet.  It's a delicious buffet. 

Did I mention that the desserts are buffet-style too?  :)  MmMMmMmMMmmm.

Anyway - John and I had a fancy dinner there to remedy the fact that we didn't eat any fancy food during our stay at Aria.

The windows were a little dirty... but this is the spectacular view from the dining area!  When we first got there all the shades were down, but about thirty minutes into dinner the sun went low enough for them to open the lovely view.  It was incredible. 

And Moroni is a lot more impressive when you can see his face, let me tell ya!

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