August 30, 2011


Sometimes I wonder if John notices when I screw up a recipe.  But then I think of times like this morning, when he ate three scrambled eggs AND a giant bowl of cereal.  That's more breakfast food than I consume in a month.  He's just a growing boy, I guess.

Sometimes I wonder how I ever made it through college with this "Sesame Street" attention span I've got.  And this GRE thing I'm doing tomorrow has got me pretty worried.  I should have been studying the dictionary for the past year.  [Don't tell my mom I said that.]

Sometimes my brain is really motivated to do things - like organize the kitchen drawers or finish the baby blanket for the Moseley's little man - and then I look over and see how lonely the couch is...

Sometimes I have a point when I start to say something but by the time it comes around to the end of the sentence I've forgotten what exactly I meant to say.

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