August 11, 2011

more vacation... with pictures!

I finally got around to e-mailing all the pictures on my cell phone to myself.  Don't worry... there's only thirteen  :)

san diego!
this is Elvira.  she is teeny-tiny.  but awesome.
go Padres!
this is the place to go for lunch between las vegas and san diego.  they have fried pickles and all their sandwiches are named after old movie stars  :)  and did i mention the giant dinosaur sculptures?!
sooo much traffic heading to California.  zero traffic to Nevada.  that's the way i like it.
las vegas!
chicken salad.  i love when Momma H buys dinner  :)
Shelby and Julian - freshly married!!
pretty cakes are my favorite when they taste delicious too.  like this one!
this is Zoey.  cute, huh?  we've been playing with her all week :)

Now that we're all caught up with pictures, here's what we've been doing since Sunday...

I'm going to go ahead and say we went to the mall on Monday.  I have no real memory of this week's time-line.  We went to the Fashion Show mall and got a couple new shirts for John.  I tried to shop for myself but apparently the mall didn't get the memo and didn't put anything good on sale for me.

Was our FOUR-MONTH-IVERSARY!!  To celebrate this great milestone we started the day off with some delicious In-N-Out and a little shopping at Ross.  Then we floated around in my parent's pool for an hour or so to try and soak up a little bit of sun.  For the big date we had some burgers and fries and Steak & Shake and then saw The Rise of the Planet of the Apes in XD.  We're not exactly sure what XD means... but we liked the movie.  Oh, between dinner and the movie we killed a little time at the arcade.  I kicked John's butt at the racing game  :)

We went shopping!  Um... again.  And we did some other stuff.  I think.  It was a pretty lazy day.

Today we went to HOOVER DAM!  haha.  We went on a dam tour, with a dam tour guide, got some dam refreshments, took some dam pictures... I could go on like this all day.  It was fun going with John, since he'd never been there.  Granted the last time I went was with my fourth grade class...

these are the Nevada-side turbines.  only 25% of the power goes to Las Vegas though.  the rest is for SoCal.  lame.
my souvenir cup!!  my dad was soooo jealous.

Tomorrow we've got another lazy day planned.  Probably some last-ditch efforts at tanning our skin and a little raid-party of my mom's homeless home decor.  Then all that's left is fitting everything into my car and heading back to the Burg!!

Also, John would like everyone to know that he finished reading Brave New World on schedule.  Whilst I added six new movies to our Netflix queue  :)

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