August 15, 2011

my hubby is awesome.

John's amazing.  For real.  And I'm not just saying that because I married him.  Here are just a few reasons that he's so great:

1 - he folded all the laundry from our vacation AND put it away last night [he didn't get home from work until around midnight, I might add!]

2 - on Saturday night he left the hotel room to go get me some tylenol pm because I had a really bad headache and couldn't get to sleep.

3 - he only grumbled a little when we were packing up all the stuff I accidentally left at my parent's house after the wedding and I kept remembering other stuff to add to the pile.

4 - he let me put off grocery shopping for one more day!!  [which also means we got to eat Jimmy Johns for lunch and order pizza for dinner!]

5 - he left the gym and brought me his water bottle while I was stuck at the doctor's office for a drug test and their drinking fountain didn't work.

6 - he let me take a nap  :)

7 - he went to the grocery store with me to pick out some icecream, and then he scooped it out when we got home.

8 - every time we went swimming at my parent's house he let me lay on the raft and pushed me around the pool for a more even "tan".

9 - he borrowed the Insanity workout dvd's from his friend and isn't going to make me do them if I don't want to!!

10 - just now, he put the movie I want to watch in the dvd player so I wouldn't have to get up.

11 - oh, and he drove the ENTIRE way from Rexburg to San Diego, then from San Diego to Las Vegas, and from Las Vegas back to Rexburg.

Was that enough reasons for you?!  It's pretty obvious that I got the sweet end of this deal! If only he'd known beforehand what marrying me would entail... haha!

I love every single thing about this man.  
I'm such a lucky girl to have him forever!

I love you Johnny Monster!!

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