August 7, 2011

party every day.

We are having a GREAT time on vacation!!  Here's a quick wrap-up... mostly just so I don't forget  :)

14 hours in the car.  Never doing that again.

We were in San Diego to see John's family.  It was so much fun!  We had lunch with his grandma in Ocean Beach, then we had dinner with his parents and two brothers before heading to the Padre's game!!  Baseball games are so much fun - hotdogs, cotton candy, John screaming in my ear - what could be better?!

More driving - but just four hours this time - to Las Vegas!!  We stopped at Peggy Sue's diner for some FRIED PICKLES! mmmmmm... my favorite.

I did some craft shopping with my momma.  Poor John was left all alone at my house.  We're also babysitting Teri's little dog for the week [and her house] so we spent some time hanging out with Zoey so she could get used to us. Thursday night we went to a session at the temple with my mom and then had Applebee's for dinner. 

We tried to go swimming on Friday at my house - but it was a teensy bit breezy and too cold for tanning.  I know, I know... how could it ever be too cold in Las Vegas in August?!  But I'm a wimp.  When my mom came home from work, she and I went to develop the wedding pictures and get a few more crafting supplies.  John stayed home because, frankly, craft stores make him sick.  Haha.  We also did a little shopping at Ross and Marshalls where I got another long skirt and some fun decorating stuff for the apartment.  I also got a phone call about a JOB OFFER!!!  That's right.  I finally have a job.  John and I are so excited about it!  And maybe a little nervous about how often we'll get to see each other... we've been spoiled so far being able to spend basically all day together.  This will be a fun semester  :)

My friend Julian got married!!  I've known Jul since I was about two.  We lived across the street and his little sister and I were attached at the hip!!  Him and Tyler were the same way... and the four of us pretty much terrorized that neighborhood.  Good times.  Jul married the gorgeous Shelby and it was so great to be there at the sealing!  I'm so happy for them and excited for their new life together.

John and I slept in a little bit late - but we still made it to church with my mom!  Afterward, we went back to my parent's house for a lazy Sunday afternoon.  We wanted to swim but my dad mowed the lawn and all the grass blew into the pool  :(  So we watched some Nascar instead!  Ha!  My mom made a deeelicious dinner and I baked some "knock you naked brownies" for too long - there were crunchy!  Oops! 

So far we've had a great vacation!  I love spending time with my family.  Even stinky Tyler.  I'll be sad to leave next weekend, but not so sad to get away from this heat!! 

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