August 28, 2011

lazy summer.

Oh man.  We are sooo lazy!  We do a whole lot of nothing all day, everyday.  And twice on Sunday.

In other news, I made some deeeee-licious strawberry pancakes this morning late afternoon.  FROM SCRATCH.  Which I realize isn't that impressive since they're basically just flour and milk... but the mess in my kitchen begs to differ.

We also got a new windshield for my car!  It's nice and crack-free.  Which means I can drive comfortably since the crack in the old one crossed straight through my line of sight  :( 

Yesterday we drove down to Idaho Falls to check out the For Your Basket craft market.  It was kind of a bust.  Although one of the booths did have a pretty sweet shelf.  It was tall and skinny with little file-cabinet labels.  I loved looking at all the cute crafts - but since most of the things were for little baby-nuggets I didn't think buying anything would be very useful.  And John turned down the owl-head beanie I offered to get him.

Sometimes, since we do absolutely nothing all day long it takes us a long time to get to sleep at night.  So the other day we were both just laying there, trying to sleep but not doing a very good job, and I had an idea!  I sent John to Jack in the Box for some tacos and jalapeno poppers and I got to work building a FORT.  Yep, I said it.  We blew up the air-mattress and piled on the pillows, set up some chairs and draped a blanket across them, and then snuggled down for a midnight snack and watched Star Trek.  One day we might grow up and develop normal sleeping patterns - but then we'll have babies and it will all start all over again  :/

pretty cool, huh?
This week I'm taking the GRE in Pocatello.  Hopefully I haven't forgotten everything I learned in college.  Keep your fingers crossed that I don't totally bomb it, please?!

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