August 22, 2011

food for thought.

Taking pictures of recipes in magazines is genius.  I should spend more time in doctor's offices...  Parenting magazines have deeelicious-looking food.

I probably should have snapped a shot of the picture too  :/
I really need to figure out some new ways to do my hair... but isn't it sooo pretty?!!  I love my little Meg for doing the best perm-job ever  :)
long and wavy  :)
Red Cross worker:  "What's your full name, age, and gender?"
John:  "John Michael Orr, 23, male."
Red Cross worker:  "Are you pregnant?"
[awkward pause]
John:  "No."
Nope, no baby bump there!!
Arby's is the best way to life your spirits after sitting around for an hour to donate blood.  I mean, how can you be grumpy when you're sippin' a nice cold Pepsi out of this??
and the curly fries... YUM!
Freezer jam is easy.  A lot easier than trying to scrub all the stuck-on strawberry particles from the food processor after it's been sitting there for 24 hours. 
Maybe more sugar next time, though.
If you're going to Walmart for twenty-dollars in cash and some snacks for the movie - DO NOT walk down the fish aisle.  Otherwise you'll come home with a tank, some fake plants, a tiki head, one fish and one little crab.  Only to wake-up the next morning to a weird smell and a couple floaters.
but the tank glows, so that's cool.
Some recipes look so great on the website, and they sound so fun to make, and you're pretty sure it's going to be the most delicious and attractive thing you've ever placed on the dinner table.  And then it takes you over an hour to just assemble the dang things.  But they did taste pretty good...
I call them lasagna towers.  The recipe is great, but maybe just a boring flat-version next time!
John and I love to eat.  And we are trying to be better about not getting so much fast-food.  I've been looking up quick and healthy recipes for dinner and lunch.  Hopefully we'll be able to stick to it!  We do love those Jack in the Box tacos  :)

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  1. You're funny to read Syd. Love the hair, and I'm glad to hear your hub is NOT pregnant.