August 19, 2011

painting the town.

Rexburg is just a liiiitttttlllle bit slow in the summer.  Which means that John and I have been out and about WAY more than usual.  It might also have something to do with having absolutely nothing else going on...  And so - here's a recap of our week:

 - sleep in until 10:30am... or noon.
 - wander aimlessly around the apartment.
 - think of a reason to go to Walmart.
 - shower and dig some clothes out of the closet.
 - wander aimlessly around Walmart for about thirty minutes.
 - go back home and take a nap.
 - wake up and stare at the computer and/or television.
 - eat a strange meal.
 - go to a movie at the dollar theater [which is really $3... false advertising].
 - go back home and snuggle before falling into deep oblivious sleep.
 - lather, rinse, repeat.

Ok, so it wasn't like that every day.  But it was pretty close.  Monday I had to fill out some paperwork at the plasma center and take a drug test.  Wednesday was our trip to IF - did I mention that I walked from JoAnn's to Barnes and Noble?!  Exercise for the week - check!!  Thursday we rented bikes from the ORC on campus.  I lasted all of twenty minutes.  The gears were being retarded.  And my back had started hurting again the night before.  I'm a complainer, have you noticed?  Today John donated blood and we had the oil changed in my car.  We also got some snow-cones  :)  Love me some saturated sugar!!

Also - for future reference - the Paramount 5 has two-dollar-Tuesdays, and free popcorn on Wednesdays! 

John has recently started using his tomahawk to turn the light on and off in our bedroom... he even taped a wooden spoon to the end of it so he doesn't have to stretch at all.  It would be funny if I didn't actually need that wooden spoon to cook his fave mac&cheese...

We've also decided that we're not going to get a puppy.  At least not until we're living somewhere a little more permanent.  So now I'm lobbying for a ferret, guinea pig, or chinchilla.  :)

I'd love to stay and keep spilling out random little tidbits - but we both know you're bored already.

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