July 24, 2011

the momma.

I really like my mom.  I talk to her every.single.day.  Sometimes twice. 

This weekend she came for a visit and it was GREAT!  It was fun showing her our apartment and all the fancy new things Rexburg's added since last July. 

She came with her friend Teri, and Teri's nieces Elsa & Hayley.  Elsa is coming to school up here in January and this trip was designed to get her even MORE excited about it.  And because everyone's first impression of Rexburg needs to be in the summer... otherwise they'll never come back. 

They got here Thursday night and I took them to Twizleberry for frozen yogurt - and to temporarily blind them with the bright green and orange walls.  Then we drove up the hill for a closer look at the temple.

sooo pretty  :)
Friday morning we woke up bright and early for a quick tour of our apartment before we headed to campus to give Elsa a little look around.  There's quite a bit of construction going on, so we had to do a lot of weaving in & out & around & through the buildings, but I think we covered quite a bit of ground!  We went into the new BYU-I Center [or "devotatorium" as I like to call it] which was a first even for me.  Then we did a little shopping at the University Store and had lunch in the Crossroads to give everyone the full experience.

Then it was time for CORN-ON-A-STICK.  I've been hyping it up to everyone all semester, so it was pretty permanent on the to-do list.  We even waited around for a bit because it wasn't quite ready when we got there so eagerly at exactly 4pm.  Needless to say - it did not disappoint.

please ignore that i'm the whitest of them all - i live in idaho.

that's my lover... yep.
We also did a little bit of shopping at Hemming Village.  This is John - enjoying himself immensely at Lulu&Oliver.

he's got tea parties d.o.w.n.
On Saturday we ended up having a LOT more time to explore the town because of a little scheduling mix-up with a play we were supposed to go to...  Oops.

So - what better way to spend some extra time in south-eastern Idaho than at BEAR WORLD!!

It was a lot of fun!  John even had a good time!!  And we got some huckleberry honey from the gift shop. 

And after driving through the animal enclosures we found this sign where you can measure yourself against a bear...

almost there...

for reals!
And seriously... no trip to Bear World would be complete without this:

me and john - just need some baby bears!  haha.

Teri, Hayley, Elsa and my momma.

The pictures are pretty dark - it was a really nice and sunny day.  Good for hanging out at the petting zoo, bad for taking souvenir pictures.

After our adventure at Bear World we headed into Idaho Falls to do a little shopping.  [It was technically a "girl's trip" after all...]  John was such a champ hanging out at the mall for so long, going in and out of stores, sitting outside dressing rooms...  I did maybe bribe him with a prize and a snack  :)

Later on Saturday night we went to see 17 Miracles at the dollar theater.  The movie was good.  But after the movie we had Cocoa Bean cupcakes!  MmmMmMmMmmMMm.  So delicious.

Overall, it was a great weekend.  It was so much fun being with my momma and all the girls.

And now...  SEVEN WEEK BREAK!!

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