July 12, 2011

the fourth...

I've been a pretty lazy blogger recently.  I've been a pretty lazy everything recently.  Our friends recommended that we check out The Cosby Show on Netflix, and ever since then I just can't stop watching it.  It's hilarious!  I love it.

But, for all three people who read this - I'm sure you're just dying to know what we did on the Fourth of July.  So, here you go:

We started off the day at the Rexburg Whoopee Days Parade.  [Don't ask me why it's called that. I have no idea.]  Every year there's a parade down the entire stretch of Main Street.  All the floats throw candy out for the little kids, and the dairy gives out free milk!!  Well, supposedly.  We didn't stay all the way through this time - we're very busy people, you know.

John and the Snoopy float.

Broulim's giant shopping cart / go-cart... complete with groceries!

And FREE hotdogs  :)
After the parade we went straight over to our friends [the Moseley's] apartment for some dee.lish.us. hamburgers and hotdogs.  We watched a little Funniest Home Videos, and then played a little bocci ball with the Jensen's.

I made a layered drink for the barbecue - but that picture is on John's phone.  So you might never get to see it.

After that, we went home for a quick nap before FIREWORKS!!

We drove out to Idaho Falls with our friends the Potter's for the annual Melaleuca fireworks show.  It's *supposedly* one of the biggest shows this side of the Mississippi...

Don't judge me for my blurry fireworks pictures - I was using my phone.

If you turn down the volume, you won't have to try and guess what we're laughing at.

The drive home from Idaho Falls is always a doozy after the fireworks show.  So we opted for going the long-way and driving fast, instead of the short way going 5 mph the whole time.  And on that drive we hit 150,000 miles on my car!!  It was a big day for everyone  :)

So I was a little late with the picture... I was sleeeeepyy.
 John and I had a great first Fourth of July together!  We got to share it with great friends, and eat good food.  It was good times.

[Between the nap and leaving for fireworks we went to eat at Frontier Pies, again. We just love getting our sodas in jars!!] 

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  1. Kristina totally has a picture of your drink on her blog!!


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