July 21, 2011

wrap it up.

Do you want to be bored out of your life?

Then you came to the right place!

Let's start with the laundry.

This was just one load.  I was too exhausted after folding it all to even attempt getting the rest of the towels out of the dryer.  They're probably still in there...

Up next is the 8th Stake Summerpalooza!  John and I were part of the planning committee.  We were also in charge of the "tug o' ward" competition and making all the signs.  One day I'll learn how to take real pictures of important things... 

It was a little windy...
So we taped some of the signs to the ground... 
I was extremely proud of that bracket... It is HARD to organize a tournament with eleven teams.  But the 99th ward kicked some serious booty.  [Our ward lost in the first round... John was pretty disappointed.]  But the Summerpalooza was great!  We had hamburgers and hotdogs and icecream.  There was a DJ and a balloon-man and pie- and watermelon-eating contests.  If I hadn't been soo dang tired that day I would have wandered around and taken more pictures.

Sometime when John's at work [from 8pm - midnight] I go out for ice cream and bring him a treat.  This particular adventure to DQ they gave me a blizzard with the largest chunks of peanut butter cups I have ever seen. 

In decorating news...  I put up some plates to try and liven up the dining area.

And I painted our plain-jane boring bread-box a fun summer color!  Some of the lines are a little squiggly... don't judge me.

Finally - we cleaned our apartment.  Remember when I spilled oatmeal all over the carpet and my foot??  Well, my mom's coming to visit this weekend so we decided it was time to really clean things up. 

Look how big the living room looks without any furniture!

The kitchen was a little crowded tho...

Well, my momma gets here TONIGHT so I should probably go clean my room... haha.

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