September 7, 2011

i like doing things backwards.

It's not my fault that I have ADD.  It's Big Bird's fault.  Seriously.  How do they expect me to pay attention for more than seven minutes at a time when that's how long every segment ran on Sesame Street??  But I digress...

Things have been happening around here - I promise.  I just choose to wait until they're all over and done with before I post anything.  Which means you lovely people get to read all about our adventures in one felled swoop!  Luckies.

Which means... are you ready for it?!  Badly-lit cell phone PICTURES!!  Haha.  I know you're crazy excited  :)

it took us about a week to clean this up.  we kind of wanted to LIVE on that air mattress.
so now we do a lot of this.  it's definitely not as good.
After a loooong couple weeks of doing nothing we took a little trip to Pocatello!!  Such a great city...  I had to take the GRE on campus there and we decided to stay the night.  And let me tell you - Pokey has the most amazing mini-golf course, ever.  For reals.  I only have one picture... but it wasn't all shark-themes.  There were dinosaurs! and an elephant! and everything was neon and glow-in-the-dark and awesome!!!!  Not to mention we were the only two people there and we got a free game!!
The rest of our Pokey-trip involved sleeping and being attacked by housekeeping and food.

he had a good time, really.  this is just his "sooo hungry" face.

geeerrrrmaaaannnn paaaancaaaaaakess!!  :)
We came home, and then it was Labor Day Weekend!  To celebrate the holiday, we did absolutely nothing!!  It was great  :)  Ok, maybe we did something.

i painted the coffee table.
and ate an entire bag of cracker jacks.  :/
we spent a little time outside, and were ATTACKED by lady bugs.
Next week [or as soon as I load more pictures] I'll show you how aewsome our new chalkboard coffee table is!!  Probably my favorite piece of furniture now...  I want to make everything I see a chalkboard.

Aaannnnnnnnnd...  I started my new job!!  I've survived two whole days of training.  Tomorrow there's a test, and then I start actually learning how to do my job...  Also, I get to wear scrubs!!  There goes all that how-many-different-ways-can-i-wear-these-clothes-before-i-DIE anxiety every morning.  It's going to be awesome.

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