September 27, 2011

apparantly i'm lazy.

haha.  Who would have ever thought that?!  But seriously, once I get home from work these days it's the hardest thing NOT to fall asleep.  I fail  It doesn't really help that John is usually right in the middle of his afternoon "resting time" when I get home.  And yes, "resting time" does mean passed-out-napping.

There are different shifts at work: 6-2, 6:30-2:30, 7-3, 8-4... and the last 8-hour shift is 11:30-7:30.  The super early ones are actually kind of my favorite.  I absolutely HATE waking up that early, but I can't tell you how good it feels to come home and have the whole day to get things done.  Not that I'm all that productive... but still!  When I work later and don't get home until 7:30ish I'm much less likely to make a real dinner or be at all pleasant until bedtime.  Poor John.

Today I got off at 2:30 and it was great!!  I hit up the post office, grabbed myself a soda and some redvines, and went home for a nice long nap with the hubby!!  [Yes, I drink caffeine and then go straight to bed - you gotta problem?!!]  When we woke up I made some macaroni and extra cheese and then John had to go to work.  :(  So I've just been sitting on the couch surfing the internets and eating some delicious egg-free cookie dough.  It's a hard-knock life.

And now that song is stuck in my head.

John has a doctor's appointment next week to fix a grody toe-nail.  I'm kind of bummed that I won't be there, because I really wanted to record it!  Haha.  Maybe he can try to get some good angles for me to watch, but I feel like that could involve some weird stretching...  we'll see.  Maybe I'll post something here for all the world to see!  Or, you know, our posterity.

I've done absolutely zero work on the light fixture I mentioned last time... sorry.  But I did get about 93.6% done with a wreath for our door.  It's pretty ugly, but I'm gonna hang it up and show it to you anyway.  As soon as I find the rest of my hot-glue sticks.

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