October 5, 2012

my feet hurt.

[that title has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of this post.]

A few weeks ago my lovely friend Meg had a beautiful baby girl  :)  Little Amelia is absolutely precious.  And she needed an equally as adorable birthday present.  Cue the chevron!

This was my first official attempt at piecing a quilt.  It took a while to cut all the triangles and then decide how I wanted the stripes to go, but it was really pretty fast once I got started.  I love how it turned out!!  [sorry the colors are funky... phone-camera plus night-time equal bad news.]

Here's a closer view with one of the embroidered hearts.  I didn't want to really "quilt" the blanket because there's not any batting between the layers so I embroidered hearts like this all over the blanket to keep everything lined up.

I love the way this blanket turned out!!  I almost didn't even want to send it to Millie!!  I wanted to keep it for myself  :)

But I sent it off to Chicago to snuggle that little sweet pea since I can't do it myself.  [what am I gonna do with a baby blanket, anyway?!] 

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