October 16, 2012

hair, cars, and pictures.

1]  I tried to dye my hair.  The key word here is tried.  My natural hair color is about half a shade lighter than black, so trying to lighten it is pretty much impossible without bleach.  Sad day.  Anyway, this is what it looked like the next day...  [I'm not sure what my other hand is doing... just ignore it.]

2]  John's car wouldn't start yesterday.  He had to walk to school.  And he was pretty sure it was the starter that had finally given out.  False.  Just a dirty battery.  But we did learn a good lesson from the experience:  Never call a tow truck in Rexburg.  You're better off just pushing the car the two miles to the mechanic.

3]  We need to have some new pictures taken for this year's Christmas card and I need some cute/clever/funnny ideas.  Pinterest has all but failed me.  I will also be needing a new outfit for said pictures... donations and shopping sprees are welcome.

Oh! Remember that chevron blanket I made?  Well, check it out on my friend Meg's blog post... it looks SO MUCH CUTER with a baby :)

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