October 20, 2012

law school update.

I've decided that it's officially time we start talking about our law school plans.  My theory is that if I talk about it here, it will all seem a little less scary.  Hopefully.

John takes the LSAT at the beginning of December.  As in the FIRST of December.  It's creeping up on us  :-/  So while John studies his cute little bum off, I'm just over here stressing about where the heck we're going to live next fall.  Would you like to see some of our top choices?!

Columbus, Ohio
The Ohio State University has somehow snuck it's way to the top of our list.  I'm not sure how.  But it's starting to grow on me. 

Boston, Massachusetts
Boston University and Boston College are both on John's list.  We would love to live here.  I'm not 100% sure where that love came from, but it's there.

Baltimore, Maryland
Here's where we'll be if we end up at University of Maryland.  Even though Baltimore is the eighth most dangerous place to live  :-/

Cambridge, Massachusetts
 Ahhh... Harvard.  We like to dream big here in the Orr household. 

OK, you caught me.  Those are MY top choices.  There are about seven other places on the list, but they're mostly lame.  And on the wrong side of the country.  [read: too far west.]  I've decided that if we're going to spend three years somewhere for law school then it's going to be somewhere new and exciting and fun and that we've never been before.  Plus, statistics show that you generally end up working the first few years in the same region that you go to school.  I just really, really want to move somewhere different.  You know, branch out.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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