October 24, 2012


Sometimes I see something on the internet [ie. Pinterest] and think to myself  I could totally make that!! 

Most of the time it's a total flop.  Like the pallet-wood headboard that I spent all of fifteen minutes trying to do before giving up.

Other times it's totally awesome.  Like this basket I wove out of craft paper yesterday.

Pretty cool, right??  The whole time I was working on it John kept asking where I learned to do that, and how I figured it out.  All I ever gave him as an answer was "the internet."  Needless to say, homeboy's pretty impressed by my sweet skills.

Now all I need are some delicious strawberries [or cherries] to fill it with, like the original version.

Basically I just want you all to  think  know how awesome I am.
[Although, I could definitely afford to learn a thing or two about my photography from the internet...]

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to impress John with my Olympian-level napping skills.

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