September 11, 2012

happy holidays.

I have this horrible habit of completely disregarding the month of October.  I mean, I like Halloween and all, but seriously... let's just get on with the year already!!  In a perfect world there would be no October.  Um, you can still have Halloween... just maybe in August or September.  I don't think Hallmark or Walmart will mind if we move it around.

Mostly I just love pumpkin-flavored treats.  And ALL the good places start to bring them out in the fall.  [If we didn't have to deal with October then fall would come that.much.sooner!!] 

Anyway, this blog is really about how excited I am for our Thanksgiving plans.  We get to go HOME!!  Yay!  And we'll be there for, like, five days.  It's going to be awesome.  I love spending Thanksgiving with my family.  They are the best.  Except when you have to sit next to my brother... then the delicious dinner just doesn't smell quite as nice.  Hahah.  I'm kidding.  He showers especially well during the holidays.  :)  Mama's orders.

And we get to FLY down to Vegas.  Which means we'll actually be there for pretty much that entire time!!  woot woot!  I love when we get to fly places.  Because I absolutely, positively, 100% hate! being in the car for ten hours.  Even when John does all the driving.  I'm just a complainer, I guess.

Now, if you don't mind... I going to go dream about eating pumpkin pie, pumpkin empanadas, and pumpkin ice cream to my heart's content. 

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