September 7, 2012


We had some of that delicious french toast again last week, which reminded me that I have a blog that I never write on.  I would apologize, but I actually really like being a slacker.  Anyway, let's catch up, shall we?

John starts his very last semester of undergrad on Monday!  That's pretty exciting.  We've had a pretty relaxing summer this year.  Probably the last in a while.  Next summer we'll be headed [[hopefully]] to a new city to start law school and a new adventure.  I am soooo thrilled by the idea of leaving Idaho far behind.

Two weekends ago we went up to Boise for a mini-vacation.  It was nice to be in an actual city and to get to spend uninterrupted time together.  As soon as we got to the hotel I noticed that we were with spitting distance of a Target and the mall!  [ok, maybe not that close... but better than a 40 minute drive!]

Most importantly I got some new clothes while we were there!  I love new clothes.  And I especially love getting them while all the stores are having their back-to-school sales!!  Score.

We also ate a lot of good food.  As always.  I would distract you with all the pictures I took of my dinners, but that will just make me hungry and then I'll never finish this blog post!!

Last Sunday was my last day in the Primary.  It was sad to think that I won't get to spend most of church with those cute little faces.  Anyway, my lesson was on being grateful for animals.  The boys that were at church on Sunday are still a little young for the lessons.  We mostly ask them yes/no questions and tell them the basic idea of the lesson over and over again.  Sometimes they repeat it, sometimes they stare at us like we're crazy.  But they were so stinkin' cute playing with these hand-puppets I made for the lesson.  Well, except for the lobster...

AND, last but not least, we went to the fair!!  woot woot!  I love the fair in Blackfoot.  It's so much fun.  We went with our friends Paul and Alyssa and really had a great time.

we're pretty cute, huh?

That twisted potato that John's eating was my favorite part of the day, I think.  It's a whole potato, sliced into a spiral and then fried and dipped in ranch.  The perfect mix between french fries and potato chips, I think.

One last thing, and then I'm going to go eat a popsicle, or five.  I found this website of super cute clothes [I mostly just love the skirts] that you can type in your height to make sure it's going to be long enough.  Brilliant, right?  At least for giants like me.  This is the skirt I got in the mail the other day.  I told my mom it kind if looks like feathers, and she called me crazy.

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  1. "I Am Thankful for Animals" sure sounds like a sunbeam lesson! ha ha We had the sunbeams when we were first married and our first lesson was "I Am Thankful for My Hands". Wow, that was a good lesson. Really inspiring. Primary is the best! And so is that dang fair and all its fabulous food. I love the fried egg rolls. Grease dripping down my face and all! (Literally.)