October 22, 2013

watching her sleep.

Ruthe is so boring.  She sleeps aaaalllllllllllllll the time.  Such a lazy bum!!

Ok, so she might still be just a little bit sedated... but I think I have more pictures of her sleeping from the past week-and-a-half than from her whole first two months of life.

Honestly, though, she's starting to wake up more and more.  The other day they tried to wean her drugs way down, so she could have more natural sleeping habits, but it was just a little bit too much for her little body and she started having some withdrawals.  Poor little thing!  They turned it back up, but have started weaning her slooooowly this time.

On Saturday they took her breathing tube out for good!  And since then she has been doing so great breathing with just a nasal cannula.  Hopefully they'll be able to wean her completely off in the next couple days.  She's already come down quite a bit... so I think it's do-able!!

All of her doctors are saying that she looks really good!  The cardiologists come in everyday to check all her meds and stats and listen to her heart and lungs and so for no one has given me anything but good news!  They are watching her blood pressure, because it's staying a little higher while she's resting than it should be, but they're switching her Milrinone to something else that does the same thing plus helps her blood pressure and they're confident that it will solve the problem.


Today, October 22nd, 2013, I got to hold my baby girl again!  For the first time in twelve days!  It was wonderful - for me.

Ruthe seemed to be a little bit annoyed by the whole process...  I can't blame her...  There are eight different tubes and cords that you have to juggle along with her squirmy body when you pick her up.  And then you have to make sure you don't trip on any of them while you back up into the chair.  And then you have to figure out where to lay them down after you sit.  And then you have to situate yourself.  All the while making sure Ruthe is secure and comfortable and her blanket doesn't fall.  It's crazy.  But so worth it!

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