October 13, 2013


Remember all that time spent with our boring baby in the NICU?!  And how it made for some pretty lame blog posts, but it was really the best thing we could ask for??  Well, it's happening again!!  

[can you believe she's already three months old?!]

Ruthe is doing SOOO well!  We really couldn't be happier with her recovery from this surgery.  I think she must have read some text book entry on recovering from open heart surgery, because she's been on track pretty much this whole time.  

She's doing so well that they're even closing her chest a whole day earlier than they thought they would!!  

Her chest was left open after surgery to help reduce the swelling of her heart and lungs, and for fast access if something were to go wrong, or if the surgeon thought he needed to put in another shunt.  Those things can still happen, after her chest is closed, but it's fairly unlikely since she's been doing so well!

In the next couple days they'll be able to start waking her up, letting her move around, and weaning her off the ventilator and most of her meds.  Then they'll start to give her a little bit of food at a time, to get her stomach working.  It's another slow baby-step-by-baby-step process to get her fully recovered, but hopefully we'll get her home in just a couple weeks!!

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