October 24, 2013

little by little...

Ruthe is doing a little better today!  She was awake for quite a while today, and it was really nice to see her reacting to me and the nurses and to hear her just talking instead of being fussy.

When I got to the hospital this morning she was just starting to wake up and look around.  She had two nurses today, because they're training a handful of new people, which I LOVE because then they have to do everything slow and explain it all step-by-step.  It's nice for my brain to get a break from all the fast-paced medical jargon.

Anyway, the nurses came in, gave her some meds, listened to her heart and lungs, and told me that her WBCs came down to 27!  I don't know if that's really good or just okay, but down is the direction we want it to go, so I'll take it!!

They've also started compressing her feeds, weaning her off the nasal cannula, and reducing the sedative and some of her other drugs to get her closer to coming back home!  

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