October 25, 2013

so close.

Look at this sneaky little face...

Ruthe is just teasing me with that little smirk!!  But she's still the most adorable baby in the universe!!  I can't get enough of her sweet little face.

We got some good news today!!  The blood and urine cultures came back negative, and her white blood cell count is down to 17!  YAAAYYYY!!!!  It's still not great, but she's almost back to where she was when all of this started, so we know the antibiotics are working!  I think the doctors are still a little concerned that they don't know what the actual problem is, but no one's said anything else about a spinal tap, or any other tests.  We're just going to sit and wait for her WBCs to drop all the way back down, and keep a close eye on all her to make sure we don't miss any symptoms.

Thank you all for all the prayers and healing thoughts that you've been sending our way!!  We love our little Baby Ruthe so much, and are so grateful that all of you do too!!

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