May 17, 2013

so, apparently...

contractions at 31 weeks are a bad thing.

Who would have thought?

I went in this morning for some routine fetal monitoring. The nurse said she was going to have me hooked-up for twenty minutes. It was a looooong twenty minutes - let me tell you. An hour and a half, and one dose of contraction-stopping meds, later they took off the monitors and finished my appointment.

After the first 20 minutes the nurse noticed that I was having some small contractions. I couldn't feel anything. The crazy Nugget was bouncing around like a ninja, so I was a little distracted from feeling anything else. And contractions are still a little bit of a mystery to me, anyway. But she took the printout of Nugget's movements/heart rate/contractions to the doctor to check out. Then they gave me some medicine that stops contractions and turned the monitor back on to see if it worked. Then the monitor ran out of paper. Then they refilled it and started again. The contractions slowed down a little bit, but didn't really stop. So they unhooked me (finally) and sent me to another room for my regular appointment and to run a test to check if I might be at risk for pre- term labor.

It's kind of a bummer, because now we're all a little extra stressed about the baby, but we would much rather know what might happen than have it be a surprise.

I decided that I was right when I told my mom and John that Baby Nugget it trying to claw her way to freedom. We just really wish she would calm down and stay put for another two months like she's supposed to!

I'm realizing that I should just suck it up and prepare myself for all the stress that our little Drama Queen is going to cause .

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