May 31, 2013

a little bit creepy.

I went to the doctor five times this week.

We monitored the nugget every day [except Monday, since it was a holiday] and then yesterday I had a regular OB appointment and we also had an ultrasound with the pediatric cardiologist.

It was a lot of fun, let me tell you.  Just ask my mom and John, who each came to a monitoring appointment with me and had to just sit there while the baby did nothing.  She's such a little stinker when she knows we want her to be awake and moving around.  They have to use something I've started calling "the baby taser" to wake her up.

But really, it WAS fun at the ultrasound when the nurse took some 3D pictures of our nugget!!  We think she's pretty cute, don't you?  Well, if you can get past the creepy, melted-wax look...

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