February 25, 2014

alone, but not lonely.

Or should it be lonely, but not alone?

Either way, Ruthe and I had the house to ourselves last weekend.  My parents went to California on Friday, leaving us with a fully-stocked fridge and free reign over the TV until Tuesday afternoon.  

It's a rough life.

And somehow, miraculously, I only had to wash a handful of bottles/tubes/syringes.  When we were in Utah I felt like I had to wash all her stuff every single day.  We did start to run low on clean receiving blankets, though, and I almost - almost - had to do a load of a laundry. 

It wasn't a completely boring weekend.  Saturday was our first heart walk!!  The Children's Heart Foundation of Nevada puts on an annual "Walk with the Heart of a Child" to raise money for CHD research.  Since we never do anything alone, Ruthe and I recruited my bestie-friends and my brother to come with us.  It was really a lot of fun.  Or, as much fun as it can be walking around the mall before-hours in a winding and confusing path with a clunky stroller.  But I'm glad we went and got a feeling for how it will go next year. (I think we'll even make our own shirts! Team Baby Ruthe!!)

On Sunday I surprised even myself by getting up and ready and going to church with the baby!  We were even on time!!  And if you know me, you know that's practically a miracle!  Ruthe does so well at church, it's almost fun to take her!  It's definitely fun to dress her up!!  If only we didn't have to pack so much baby-gear...  But that sweet girl just sat with her auntie Teri and listened to the announcements, and the laid down to eat and take a little snooze.  Pretty soon we won't be able to let her lay down, because she'll be rolling all over the place!!  (Is it wrong of me to be excited that her next surgery will delay that even more??  I love that she's still such a baby and so dependent on me for mobility.  It's probably awful parenting.  Oh well.)

After church we were invited to crash a Dean family dinner and watch The Jungle Book.  I LOVE that movie.  I forgot how funny it is.  And it was so much fun to hear the Dean kids talk about it after, since most of them had never seen it all the way through.  I don't think Bella was very impressed... after all, there wasn't a princess.  ;)

Monday and Tuesday we just sat around the house all day.  I'm sure we had good intentions, but we just didn't have the motivation to get up and do anything. Although, I will say that any human being with more than one child to care for, that can regularly bathe themselves and their children AND accomplish any other task in the same day, deserves an Olympic medal.  

While my parents were away they demanded quite a few pictures of the baby.  And heaven forbid I send them both the same one!!  Haha.  It pretty funny, actually, because they're both so greedy with baby pictures that they'll never show each other the ones they have.  I tried to send them a video every day, too, just to keep the guilt of leaving us fresh.  Those are like gold!  And if I did forget to send one I could always count on a text right around bedtime to remind me - all it ever said was, "Waiting..."  

I love that they can't go to sleep without seeing the baby.  

sitting up and loving it!!

tummy time and hating it.

being squeezed into a too-tight home-made onesie.

refusing to wake up and get ready for church.

retaliation... she wiggled herself sideways during the night and woke me up with a swift kick to the head.  this girl is too sassy for my own good.

We also got some wonderful, fun, exciting, totally awesome news on Sunday morning... my sister-in-law had her baby girl!!  Sweet, beautiful Novalee made her much-anticipated debut a whopping twelve days past her due date.  She is spunky, and gorgeous, and absolutely perfect.  We can't wait to meet her!!

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