March 15, 2014


Sat - John came home!!  Family snuggles.

Ruthe really was excited to see her dad... she just hates when I interrupt her daily activities with the camera.

This was the sweetest thing... except there wasn't any room left for me to snuggle :(

Sun - church. Dinner w/ gramma & Hunter

My dad went to the NASCAR race, and brought Ruthe home a new bib... It says "Spit Crew" and she definitely lived up to the job!!

Mon - trip to Town Square, smog check

Monday was just boring errands, and shopping for some grown-up clothes for John.  But we spotted (and tasted!) this adorable dress at The Gap for Ruthe for Easter...

Tues - day date at Nacho Daddy, RUTHE'S EIGHT MONTH BDAY

John and I are suckers for a photo-booth!  The nachos weren't too bad either.

I can't believe this girl is already EIGHT MONTHS OLD!!  How did that happen??

Wed - errands, shopping at Target & Gap (Easter dress!), Walmart, cupcake!

Ruthe and I had some time to kill in Boca Park, so we wandered through Target, and then hit up a different Gap store to buy that purple dress.  And it's a good thing we waited!! They were having their friends&family sale so I got it for 40% off!!

After shopping and running more errands we let Ruthe try another cupcake smash... she's always cute, but I think she's the cutest with her face covered in frosting!!

Thurs - endocrinology, breakfast, snuggles, CJ park day

Ruthe had an appointment early in the morning, which is mean of the Endo-clinic to only have early times available :(  But this girl LOVES to be naked and play around on crinkly paper!!

Fri - feeding specialist, basketball game for John's b-day

John was going to miss seeing Ruthe in her St. Patrick's Day outfit, so we celebrated a little early, and showed off her fancy leggings to the new speech/feeding therapist.

After a short debate, and a promise of an arena-junk-food dinner, John and I convinced each other that we should go to the UNLV and SDSU game.  Not that we have any real affiliations with the schools, but just because we're from both of the cities and he loves basketball.

Sat - goodbye.

John had some studying and cleaning he needed to get done before school started again on Monday, so he packed up and left on Saturday morning.  That is the worst part of this whole long-distance-family thing.  Someday (hopefully sometime in the summer!) we'll get to live together more permanently, and that will be AWESOME!!

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