February 16, 2014

valentine's day 2014.

6:30am - I am snuggled in bed, warm and dreaming.  John comes in, bringing freezing air from the outside world into my cocoon. 
     "Sydney, wake up. My car was stolen." 
     "Ok." And then I rolled over and fell back to sleep.

I did wake up and try to be a voice a calm and reason while he dealt with all the emotions of having your car stolen. Frankly, I hate his car and was having a celebration in my head, so I probably wasn't as traumatized or sympathetic as he needed me to be. But he needed to get to school, so I got up and bundled up the baby to drive him up to campus. On the way he called and reported the theft and was told that stolen cars are usually recovered within a few weeks' time, generally after having been used in some (other) crime and dumped. Not exactly comforting, but I think it helped John relax a little bit. Salt Lake has a pretty good public transportation system, and John rides for free as a student, so we knew he had a way to get everywhere he needed to go. But that didn't stop him from looking at trucks for sale on KSL. 

I had spent all night (really really early morning) baking cinnamon rolls for John's school friends for Valentine's Day. But the hustle of the morning's events meant I couldn't package them up for John to take. They were so cute, too. I'm pretty bummed that the rest of the world will never see how adorable my PINK cinnamon rolls turned out to be in real life.  All I have as evidence are these funky pictures. But trust me, they were delicious!! 

I only made half of the recipe, because what the heck was I supposed to do with 24 cinnamon rolls? And I only have one baking dish... But I forgot to halve the frosting recipe. So I had twelve cinnamon rolls and FOUR POUNDS OF FROSTING. Cream-cheese frosting is good. Good enough to eat off of a spoon good. But it's not four pounds good.

John only had one class on Friday, so we picked him up around noon and got some KFC/Taco Bell for lunch. When we got home John said all he wanted to do was relax and hold the baby and play video games. And since his car was stolen I would have let him do pretty much whatever he wanted.

While he took care of the baby I worked on hanging more pictures and things in the nursery/office. I didn't get very far. After I broke the "H" that spelled out Ruthe's name I kind of lost all my motivation.

I did hang another shelf and a couple (maybe just one) more pictures. I kept running into complications with the nails not staying straight and frames not having wall-hanging-abilities. So I just gave up and snuggled my baby instead!

Surprisingly, around 3pm, we got a call from the police department that they'd found John's car! It was soooo close to our apartment. Like, only two minutes away in West Valley. I think that phone call was the most flustered I'd ever seen John get... he was so happy and relieved that he could hardly stand still enough to write down the address!!  When we got to the location there were two officers waiting with John's car to close the report so he could drive it back home. Apparently, if your car is stolen and you find it yourself and take it back without letting the police close the report you'll be pulled over and held at gunpoint until they can verify identity and ownership. Needless to say we were perfectly willing to sit and wait!!

It's funny the things you never know about until it happens to you. Like how we all sound like experts when we talk about Ruthe's heart, or what to do when your baby pulls out her g-tube for the second time in a week, or how we know what happens when your car gets stolen now. Life is the greatest teacher, right?!

Anyway, since all of our energy had been spent worrying about John's car and baking treats and being the most adorable baby, we decided that going out to dinner wasn't worth the effort of getting dressed up and cooking anything wasn't going to happen until someone cleaned up my mess in the kitchen.  So we picked up a heart-shaped pizza at Papa John's and some drinks from the gas station. John also stopped by an Auto Zone to buy "the club" for his steering wheel. 

We had a really nice night, all snuggled on the couch watching weird love movies and smooching Ruthe's chubby cheeks. Those heart jammies are some of my favorites! 

This Valentine's Day was so wonderful! Not just because it was nice to spend the whole day with John, but because we have this sweet, beautiful little baby, who has completely redefined what love means for our family. (The whole heart-baby/heart-day thing was pretty awesome, too!)

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