January 29, 2014


Remember that time my husband lived in our apartment alone for six months before I'd ever so much as stepped foot inside?!!

Yeah, well, after that wonderful adventure in Mesquite we FINALLY got in to Salt Lake and I saw my home for the first time.  Let just say I'm counting on my second impression to make-up for some things...  Firstly, I was exhausted, so I can't blame anything for really being as awful as it was.  Secondly, John is a boy, and he only unpacked the essentials.  Thirdly, the baby's crib was in pieces in the living room so she slept with me, and John was forced out onto the couch.

That was Friday night.  On Saturday morning my mom and Aunt Summer came over to help get the apartment in decent shape.  And what a difference a day makes!!  We got all the boxes unpacked, put the crib and our disassembled bookshelf together.  We rearranged the furniture in all the rooms to make things fit and look better.  We cleaned... (ok, I didn't clean at all, but Summer totally cleaned my kitchen and the hallway bathroom!! have I mentioned how awesome she is??)  After a very long day of all that we made a list of what we were missing and went out for dinner.  

But Saturday's not over yet... during the day we'd gotten the crib put together and all the bedding put on, so Ruthe could sleep in it that night.  We even moved all her "accessories" in there, so I didn't really have a choice.  Now, um, Ruthe and I have slept no more than ten inches away from each other since she came home from the hospital.  Separate rooms was kind of a big jump.  For me.  She couldn't have cared less.  I was SO stressed the entire night.  I slept with the monitor in my hand.  I woke up to every tiny sound she made.  I leapt out of bed and ran down the hall at every wimper or whine or deep sigh.  I stood in the doorway watching her like a psycho-mom.  It was awful.  Again, just for me.  Ruthe had one of the best night's sleep of her life.

Sunday morning I was a grumpy mess.  But we were going shopping for some new furniture and other things, and I knew that would help me feel better.  My mom, Summer, Ruthe, and I headed to Home Goods and Target while we let John escape to watch football.  We were looking for a new coffee table/ottoman and a chair for my living room, and a few other random supplies for organizing and decorating.  We found everything we needed pretty easily.  And I LOVE the way everything fits together now.  It looks like a real home.  It's just missing the wife and baby.  :/

I still need to hang all our pictures and really decorate.  The laundry room probably needs some organization. And we need to figure out how to put up curtains in the bedrooms. (why can't someone design an apartment where the windows are more than three inches from a corner??)  Which all translates in my head to an IKEA trip!!  yay!!

Someone should remind me while I'm in Utah next week to have a few of our family photos printed... and maybe some wedding photos, too.  Better late than never!!

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