January 11, 2014


Look at this face: 

That's the face of a SIX MONTH OLD BABY!!  

Holy cow.  Someone must have changed the calendar too soon... There's no way that my sweet, tiny, precious, beautiful, little snuggle-bug is half of a year old.  

She is the light of my life.  The best thing that's ever happened to me.  My absolute favorite.  (well, right after John!)  She is such a blessing in our lives.  We are the luckiest family ever, to have gotten this sweet little person to join us here on Earth!!  

Ruthe and I are still feeling pretty funky, trying to get over this cold.  So we slept in today.  Long enough to make my mom wander all the way across the house to snuggle us in our bed instead of the other way around!!  That kind of threw Ruthe off for a minute... but she liked it in the end.  And I liked it because I could fall back to sleep for twenty minutes while she played with my mom instead of scratched at my face.

We finally got out of bed, ate some breakfast, lounged around, ate first-lunch, then we showered and got dressed for my little cousin's baptism.  After Ikey's special day, we went over to his house to hang out, play with his little sister who has never ever spoken to me before!! and have second-lunch (I got to eat this time too!)  I love all this time I've gotten to spend with my family down here in Vegas!  

On our way home we stopped at the grocery store to get Ruthe a "Happy half-Birthday" cake.  

hahahahaha hahahahahahaha!!  get it??!

My dad and I sat Ruthe up in her high-chair so she could have a taste of it... This is what she did:

So I got her out, wiped her hand clean, and took off her dress before we gave her a taste of the frosting...  

Don't let those vacant stares fool you... She LOVED it!!  

There's a video on my Instagram of you want to check it out!  And only a tiny little purple stain on her shirt!  I'm impressed!!  I didn't even make it through that experience with such a little stain...

I'd say this was a good first attempt at cake... She'll be much better by her first real birthday!!  (I don't even want to think about that!!). 

Stay little forever, Baby Ruthe!!

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