September 30, 2013

so glad when daddy comes home.

John got to visit us this weekend!!  It was just the best.  We spent a lot of time snuggling together as a FAMILY.  I think we may have grossed-out my parents just a little...

This was the first time John had gotten to see Ruthe since she came home, so you can imagine how awesome it was for him to get to hold her without any extra tubes and without all that stupid isolation gear!  He said he was excited to see me too, but I didn't really believe him.

He drove in form SLC on Friday evening, and we just sat around the house, holding Ruthe, and telling each other how awesome she is.  I mean, she's pretty awesome, so you can see how that would take all night!

On Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to have some family photos taken by our friend (and AWESOME photographer) Alisha!  She was soooo nice to take our photos even though I just barely asked her a couple days before.  And then again when I switched locations at 1am they day of!  I am so excited to get the pictures back, because it know they're going to be awesome!!  (Even though Ruthe is the world's floppiest baby and probably looks like a limp pancake in all of them.)

After the photoshoot we headed home to take a nap.  Family naps are going to be mandatory once we all love in Utah so we thought we'd get in some practice!  Ruthe and I woke up first (ok, Ruthe started waking up first and I fell for it.) so we wandered out to the living room to let John rest a little longer.  The rest of Saturday was more lazy, boring, totally awesome snuggle time on the couch.  John did a little homework.  Ruthe showed off her kicking skills.  I just soaked up all the glorious two-armed time I could before John handed her back with a stinky bum.  

We went on a date to Lucille's BBQ.  The food was just ok.  And I do NOT recommend ever taking a stroller in there!  But they had some peach lemonade that was so delicious I wanted to take a bath in it!!  Seriously.  Go and try it.  It's that good!  I even took a picture of it to prove it to you:

Sunday wasn't supposed to be lazy.  We were supposed to wake up and go to church.  But we "accidentally" slept in because I turned off the alarm too soon.  Oops!!  So instead of being spiritual we just hung out on the couch.  Ruthe and I were forced to watch football.  And John forced her into a football onesie.  It made her look like a boy.  :/

John had to head back to school, and I think it was the hardest goodbye we've ever had.  Getting that little taste of what it's like to be a real family that lives together and everything was awesome!  And having to watch him drive away was the worst.  I can NOT wait for Ruthe's next surgery to be over and for her to be recovered so we can move to Salt Lake to be with John.  As much as we know that this is the best arrangement for us right now, we are just anxious to try and regain some sort of "normal" in our life.

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