September 11, 2013


That's right!!  We made it!!!  Monday was possibly the loooongest day of my life.  But it was so worth all the sitting around, waiting, and signing paperwork.


Monday, while exhausting, was actually pretty boring.  I got to the hospital around 8am, and immediately needed to talk to the doctor to know if Ruthe could come home.  It took a while for him to come tell me, but it was the best news, so I can't be mad.  There was still all the reports to write and paperwork to sign, but it would only take a few hours and then I could TAKE MY BABY HOME!!

At 11:30 the speech therapist came in to give Ruthe a bottle, and the medical supply rep came in to teach me how to work the pump for her nighttime feed.  Then I had to run home to get her medications for the nurse to check and my mom to help tote all her stuff and document with pictures and videos for John.

We to back to the hospital around 2pm, and Ruthe's nurse told me they'd hit a snag... my heart kind of plummeted.  I just sort of stated at her, and I'm sure she realized what I was thinking because she immediately said it wasn't about Ruthe but I needed to watch he CPR video again because it wasn't charted that I'd already done it.  A little annoying, but fine, yes, I can rewatch the video.

Another twenty minutes, a big diaper change, and an embarrassingly long time to get her dressed later, we were headed out the door!!!  And thank heavens we thought to bring her stroller!  This girl comes with a LOT of stuff.

My brother Ryan made this sign for her :)  I think we'll frame it and hang it in her bedroom in Utah.

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