September 4, 2013

in other news.

I've been a real slacker keeping track of Ruthe's progress the past couple weeks. I'm still blaming it on John because he took my iMac to Utah with him. Yeah, yeah, he needs it to study for law school, whatever. :P

Ruthe's g-tube surgery was Labor Day weekend, and John had an extra day off school, so he came home to visit us!! It was so great having him here. Especially since it takes two people to coordinate getting Ruthe out of her bed to hold her now. I LOVE seeing John hold our baby girl. And it's even more adorable when she's awake and staring right at him.

We love our baby, don't get us wrong, but we needed a little time to focus on ourselves since we live in different states now. So we went on a stay-cation to Lake Las Vegas. It was so great!! I seriously recommend stay-cations... it's the best kind of trip because there's no wasted time traveling, and you already know where all your favorite places are! Or in this case - you're still only 30 minutes from your NICU baby.

On Sunday afternoon Ruthe's doctor said she didn't need any oxygen support anymore! So they came and took off her nasal cannula. Now we can see her chunky cheeks!! It makes me want to squish them and kiss them all day long to make up for the weeks of not being able to. The first picture I took her cheeks were still pretty red from the tape, but now they're the sweetest shade of pink!

John and I spent Monday shopping for some cold-weather, grown-up school clothes. It was a good day to shop though, since there were all the big sales! After all the discounts and a gift card, we got him $250 worth of clothes for $60!! I'd say it was a pretty successful day!

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty boring days for us at the hospital. We were mostly just counting the hours since Ruthe was taken off oxygen and started getting full feedings. After 48 hours of tolerating both of those things she is officially "ready" to come home!!

Sounds fantastic, right?! I am SO ready for these daily trips to the hospital to be over and done with! Even though we'll be making multiple trips back down here every week anyway... I'm gonna need a whole new day planner just for Ruthe's various doctor appointments!!

My mom and I took a "class" to learn how the g-tube works and how to use it for feedings and medications. They had a doll there, to use as an example, that made it feel a little like a home ec class...but it was really informative and helpful. We feel much more comfortable about bringing home a baby that has a hole going straight into her belly now!!

There are still a handful of things that need to be done before Ruthe can come home. She needs a hearing screening. I need to watch a baby-CPR video. I have to show the nurses I know how to give Ruthe her medications. And all seven thousand of Ruthe's doctors have to sign her off, write any prescriptions, and decide when they need to see her next. We're so close I can smell it!!

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