September 7, 2013

hey, girl, hey!

Tonight Ruthe and I are having a sleepover.  It's our last thing before going HOME!!!  She's so excited she couldn't fall asleep until after midnight.  Which means I couldn't fall asleep until after midnight.  Oh wait, the lights are on and I have to wear RUBBER GLOVES.  Sleep isn't happening for me.  

The doctors changed their minds about when and how and why Ruthe can come home about fifty-seven times.  First she could come home if she got a g-tube, so we got a g-tube.  Then she could come home if we set up a continuous feed at night (eight ounces on a pump over ten hours), but that doesn't make sense if we're trying to teach her to bottle-feed.  But there isn't a report from speech therapy saying that bottle-feeds are ok, so speech did a new evaluation and signed off on me bottle-feeding at home. So she can come home on regular feeds and bottle-feeding, with a back-up pump for when I get lazy.  But the insurance won't pay for a pump that I'm not using for all/most feedings, so  she can come home on regular feeds and bottle-feedings if I "room in" and they can make sure I know how to feed her by myself.  But we can't use the regular rooms for that because Ruthe's on contact isolation, so I have to spend the night in her NICU room, meaning its the exact same as when I'm here during the day, only darker, and basically pointless.

At least they brought in a fold-out-chair.

... ... ...

Now she can't come home until she gains weight two days in a row.  I hate the hospital and all their stupid rules.

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