March 10, 2013


It's normal for a married couple to sleep on the same bed. Unfortunately, the beach house only has two rooms with grown-up beds. The room that John and I are in is the "kids room"... complete with Mickey Mouse pillows on the matching twin beds.

The first night we were here I really loved sleeping in my own bed. Even if it was so tiny. It takes me so long to get comfortable anyway, that knowing John wasn't there to shuffle the pillows or tug on the blanket was heavenly. Unfortunately, we've gotten really dependent on each other's body heat, and were both freezing all night.

So last night, as we're lying there shivering and talking - four feet apart - John got up and says "I wonder how hard it is to move this bed."

Not hard. Not hard at all.

Now we have an almost-full-size-bed, with a crack down the middle. And sleeping close together made it much warmer last night. But I did wake up to John using my "belly support pillow" for his head, lying awkwardly diagonal across both beds, and snoring.

I like him.

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