March 4, 2013

oh, baby.

We finally got in to see the baby-doctor today.  And I'll be honest, I was a crazy mess of a person until about 3pm when it was all over.  But everything went well.  The baby is right where it needs to be, I'm not too fat [yet!], and we get to have an ultrasound to check the gender TOMORROW!!

Since I don't really have any news beyond I'm still pregnant to share with you, I'll tell you a funny story that will embarrass John.

During the physical the doc checked the baby's heartbeat.  She was talking the whole time about all sorts of tests and stats and facts about babies and pregnancy, so unless you were paying attention you wouldn't have seen her grab the fetal heart monitor and slather it with goop.  [But I was naked on a table, so I was paying pretty close attention to everything.]  It didn't take her very long to find the little nugget.  And let me tell you, after three months of only being pretty sure there's still a baby growing in there, that was music to my ears.  Until she put the monitor away and John says, "What was that sound?"  Yep.  That's what he said.  Can't even recognize his own offspring's heartbeat.  Sheesh. 

They also took a handful of blood samples to run tests today.  It was the first time I've had blood drawn since I was nine.  I did not like it.

We came home with a stack of information and magazines to look through, and a handful of coupons - which are the best part!  So I should probably be looking through those instead of reading all the old wive's tales on how to predict the gender!  Haha.  But, just for the sake of having making an "educated guess" let's take a look:

                    • Carrying High or Low:  I'm just guessing here with low.  That'd be a BOY.
                    • Baby's Heartbeat:  155 today, which points to GIRL.
                    • Craving Sweet or Salty:  I ate a whole bag of chips last week.  That's all BOY.
                    • Chinese Calendar:  BOY.
                    • Mayan Calendar:  GIRL - but they haven't been the most reliable lately.
                    • Morning Sickness:  For me, it felt awful, but I'm a wuss.  We'll still say GIRL.

Hmm... that didn't really help, did it?  I guess we'll just have to wait and see tomorrow!

Oh, but I'm sure you're all curious what our guesses are!  John says BOY, but I'm leaning towards GIRL [that's probably just wishful thinking after walking through Target and Baby Gap the other day!]


  1. I say girl. And fine, I'll be nice. I'll let you name her Tess:)

    But for real, I'm so excited for you guys.

  2. So funny! Such a guy. Get used to being a pin cushion and peeing in a cup.... they both happen too often!! I really want you to have a girl (julia and mikey had boys. Millie needs girl friends) but maybe I think its a boy.