March 18, 2013

... and counting.

John has been accepted into four different law schools!!
          Penn State,
          Indiana University,
          and University of Utah!!

We're pretty excited to know that come August we'll be headed somewhere, and now we have some real ideas of where exactly that might be.  Utah is at the top of our list right now.  It's a great school, and not tooooo far from home :)  Definitely a plus with our sweet girly nugget on the way!

There are still about seven schools that we haven't heard from, so we'll wait and see what they have to say before we make any final decisions and send off those seat-deposit checks!

We are so excited to start a new chapter of our life together [even if it will be crazy-hectic until we figure out baby's quirks and preferences!].

I'm so proud of John and his determination to go to law school.  He worked so hard up in Idaho to make this possible, and I'm just in awe of his brains everyday.  I'm so grateful to have him in my life, and to know that he's mine forever.  I think I'd be lost without him.

And, because no post is complete without a completely unrelated ending:

There is an owl outside our bedroom window...  random.  But I'll definitely take a muffled "hoo hoooo" over a piercing "cock-a-doodle-doo" at seven in the morning, any day!  :)

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