November 6, 2012

i've never liked math.

My brain just canNOT handle numbers.  That is a fact.  Just ask my 12th grade statistics teacher.

And now they're expecting me to watch a strange map where the states keep changing colors, and add awkward numbers together while eighteen different reporters talk about past elections, and try to decide which TV channel or website or Facebook post is giving me the most accurate prediction of who the President is going to be.

And John just informed me that there is such a thing as "faithless electors."  Seriously?

I'm not going to lie, the low-budget south-east Idaho commercials are better than this.

I may or may not just take a huge swig of NyQuil and wait to see what the result is in the morning. 

In other news... I sat on my cell phone and the kick-stand is now officially broken.  And by broken, I mean permanently extended. 


  1. Syd... zzzquil! Its just for sleep, not colds!

    1. have you tried it?? because i've finally gotten over my gag reflex from nyquil, and i'm not willing to start all over if the zzzquil is just as nasty!! haha.

  2. Haha. I have been with child aka off any good medicine. Now I cant take anything because I have to be able to wake up with said child x amount of times a night...