November 6, 2012


This week we have made a goal to not eat fast-food more than once.  Or twice.  [We had Arby's today  :-/  as a reward for voting and it's still pretty early in the week.]

As a result of this goal, I have needed to actually cook the food in our pantry.  I know!!  It's been tough.  All forty minutes that I've spent in the kitchen have been brutal!!  Haha.  Not really.  Yesterday I made garlic and brown sugar chicken.  Kind of strange, but pretty delicious.  Today I made some corn chowder, complete with bacon and assorted vegetables.

Tomorrow's menu is leftovers.  And then we'll try to be healthy by eating some more chicken and a nice filling salad.  Yes, I realize that is only four days worth of meals.  But I figure heating up leftovers still counts as me cooking dinner.  So we're good!

Hopefully this will inspire me to keep cooking next week, and the next week, and the next week, and... you get it.

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