August 5, 2012

LOVE my girls!!

Once upon a time I lived in an apartment full of girls.  And it was fabulous!!

We bonded over a lot of life-molding experiences [some awesome and some pretty terrible] and became such great friends that I can't even remember what life was like before 509!

this was back in 2009... I think... we're kind of awesome.

Sadly, we're all in different places now.  California, Chicago, Alaska, and yes, some of us are still in Idaho...  And we're all at different places in our lives, but it is just so much fun when we get the chance to get together and talk.

Today, our little Beth was married.  It was a great day to celebrate her new life with Shandon, but it was also a great chance to see some of my girls!!  Especially Brittney who drove all the way from Sacramento to be here!  I love that girl.  I love how no matter how much time passes between our visits we just pick right up where we left off.

I love my girls.  Forever and always.

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