June 20, 2012

smelly couch.

um... this is awkward.  but, my couch smells like bananas.  it might just be the scentsy that i've got turned on.  or John might have had a banana in here after school [you know how the smell lingers...]  whatever's causing it, it needs to stop.

and, since this blog is essentially a record of our lives for posterity, here's an updated picture of John's bruised arm.  [you can go ahead and ignore my freakish monkey toes, thanks.]

i rode my bike to work today and now my knees are killing me.  i feel like an old man when i say that.  but it's the truth.  haha.  i didn't ride my bike for a while and i thought it would be really bad this morning, so i left a little bit extra early [in case i needed to lie down for a while when i got to work] but it wasn't really that awful.  which is a good sign.  one day i might even not complain at all!

on friday i'm going to work on projects for the farmer's market ALL DAY so i should have some pictures to show off next week!  be excited.

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