June 19, 2012

a little excited.

ok.  this is embarrassing.  but everyone has a guilty pleasure, right?

have you seen My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding?  because it is absolutely my favorite show.  ever.  some episodes are a little ridiculous and dramatic, but their dresses are freaking incredible!! and i kind of love trying to figure out what they're saying without reading the subtitles.  i also really love when they show little kids talking about being a gypsy... freaking hilarious.

i wont lie.  i pretty much love every single show on TLC.  even Toddlers&Tiaras.  right now i'm watching What Not to Wear, and i'm hoping that Sister Wives comes on later [because John's at work and i'm not allowed to watch it when he's home...]  BUT... have you seen the previews for their new show CRAFT WARS?!!  um... i may never leave the couch again once that comes on.  i'm beyond excited for it. 

i'm also beyond excited for my booth at the Rexburg farmer's market!!  yep.  it's official.  i'm a weirdy.  my plan is to sell tote bags and baby blankets and pacifiers with little mustaches on them.  i'm also working on a couple other things, but i don't know for sure if they'll work so i'm not going to get your hopes up... yet.

what else am i excited for... hmm... i know!  i get to meet this little stud-muffin next weekend!!

isn't he the absolute cutest person in the world?!  he's my bff's new little baby and i've only ever seen his picture.  sad day, right?  but not for long.  i'm going to go see him and smother him with more love than a kindergarten trip to the petting zoo.  poor kid doesn't know what's coming.  haha.

in other, less exciting news... John's vein was infiltrated at the plasma center.  he went in on thursday for his regular donation and it didn't turn out so well.  the needle ended up going all the way through his vein instead of just in...  this is what it looked like on saturday:

 i told him it would start getting better this week.  and i was wrong.  the lighter part is about the color of the big purple blotch on the side, and that part is a really disgusting purpley-brown color.  oh, the random dark line in the middle of it??  i have no idea where that came from.  it's just weird.

oh man!!  i almost forgot about my super exciting purchase from this weekend!!  no, not another bike.  i got myself an OttLite!  what is an OttLite, you ask?!  they're HD lights that mimic natural lighting.  i'm really excited to start using it for crafts and sewing projects that i start during the day and then never finish because the lighting in our apartment is so lousy... but i have to put up a shelf for it first  :/ 

alright.  that's all for tonight.  i have to go fold laundry.

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