June 26, 2012


i'm not sure if you all know this about me, but i consider myself pretty skilled with a power drill.  i've built  every single thing  ok, most of the furniture we bought from IKEA, and our dining set from Target.  i even dismantled our coffee table so i could paint it, and then put it back together without any instructions [because who really saves those things?]  and i am, hands down, better at building things than John.  don't let his muscles fool you. 

so when i put that shelf up in my sewing room and it promptly fell down and all my stuff flew everywhere [we're talking unraveled bobbins in the hallway] i was pretty upset.  and embarrassed.  and i didn't want to tell John because i knew he would laugh at me.  so instead i posted it on the blog for all the world to see and judge me.  but i'm here to redeem myself today.

i put the shelf back up [and tested it!] and put all the little things that fell off it last time in a different spot.  here's what it looks like now:

much better.  if the shelf falls again, i'll only get attacked by shattered glass.  that is one of my all-time favorite pictures from college!  it's all my girls [minus Kayla because we're at the airport waiting for her] at the beginning of the most fabulous party-vacation ever!  also, that's my new OttLite!  i told you about it before, but here it is in action:

that's the ONLY light source in the room.  it's pretty dang impressive, isn't it?!  i mean, you can see the whole messy table and the true colors of everything.  i'm a sucker for HD light.  if you're looking for a great light for crafting or sewing or even just reading, these are what you need!  i bought mine at JoAnn's with a 50% off coupon.  [if you don't already have the JoAnn's app you should get it - they post all their coupons on the app and you just have to show the cashier your phone. awesome.]

alright.  i'm done giving you my sales pitch.

i'm also done blogging for the day.  we rented Big Miracle tonight and i'm going to go watch it ninety-seven times.