June 24, 2012

book worms.

have you seen this?  well, let's start from the beginning... have you seen Gilmore Girls?  you know how Rory is always reading a book?  this is a list of 250 books she reads during the series. 

don't worry, i'm not going to list all of the books right now.  but i AM going to start reading my way through it. 

some of the books i've read before, so i probably won't read them again, but here's a selection of the one's i'm most excited about:

Anna Karenina  [Tolstoy]
The Art of Fiction  [James]
Autobiography of a Face  [Grealy]
The Awakening  [Chopin]
The Bielksi Brothers  [Duffy]
The Devil in the White City  [Larson]
Everything is Illuminated  [Foer]
Gone with the Wind  [Mitchell]
How to Breathe Underwater  [Orringer]
The Kitchen Boy  [Alexander]
The Polysyllabic Spree  [Hornby]
Rosemary's Baby  [Levin]
Snow White and Rose Red  [Grimm]
The Song of Names  [Lebrecht]
What Happened to Baby Jane  [Farrell]
The Year of Magical Thinking  [Didion]

i think John would really like some of the books on this list too, so maybe we'll tag-team it... that way we'll finish a little bit faster!

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