December 5, 2013

something sweet.

Having Ruthe around has been a wonderful blessing these days.  It's really difficult to wallow in our grief while this sweet girl is near by.  She has been such a calm, happy, talkative baby all week.

It's been quite a while since I gave anyone an update on her, so let's see if I can remember all her recent stats...

weight: 13 pounds + anywhere from 5 to 12 ounces.
length:  24-25 inches.
no one's actually told me her head circumference yet, but I know it's around the 50th percentile.
still fed 100% by g-tube.
still has a cleft palate (surgery for that should be around 8-12 months old).
we're HOPING she'll only have one more open heart surgery this year, but it could be two.
everything's still looking good from the last one, we're just waiting to see how it does and if her aortic valve grows.
not addicted to morphine anymore!! but I have a feeling she might get hooked on tylenol when she starts teething!
starting to hold her head up more and more during our little tummy-time sessions.
still hates the car seat.
watches me when I get up and walk around.
gives EVERYONE the stink-eye.
will sometimes-almost-kind-of-but-not-really roll herself on to her side when she's super mad and crying.
is the most adorable thing in the universe.

I still think she looks exactly like her uncle Tyler, but sometimes, just sometimes, I think she might be starting it look a little bit like me!  (sorry John!)

Speaking of John... we got to see him over Thanksgiving!  And he got to enjoy the wonderful experiences of Ruthe's day-to-day schedule.  Meds, feedings, diapers, clothes, more feedings, more diapers, and lots and LOTS of snuggles!!

And this happened: 

He loved it!! Ruthe loved it, too!  :)

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